Dear Private Label Seller,
I hear it every day
Kevin, I’m ready to take the next step. I just don’t know what to do next. Do I stick with Amazon or look at other channels? Do I launch new variations of this product, or launch different products? I need help with Sponsored Products, and driving traffic, and I don’t think my listing is as good as it should be.”
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Kevin Rizer
Private Label Entrepreneur
Host, Private Label Movement
Getting your brand to where it is now was no easy feat. You’ve weathered the storm of launching and ranking, and now your product, or maybe your first few products are live. Now what? You may have found getting to the $10k or $50K mark easy. The next part is more challenging. It requires focusing your attention on the right things, and ignoring the plethora of distractions competing for your bandwidth and dollars on a daily basis.

That is why, for the first time ever, I’m introducing a limited-time engagement, bringing together 8-12 brilliant and super motivated private label sellers for a six-week intensive small group experience.
Is it a good fit for you?
Begins July 20th
Are you looking to form a close relationship with a small group of sellers at a similar or slightly higher level than you? I mean close, first name, really know each other relationships?
Do you want to smash through some of your toughest challenges including listing optimization and product launches that actually produce results? Are you looking for your next great product?
Do you want to finally master sponsored products advertising and stop wasting valuable marketing dollars on campaigns that just don’t work? Want to learn how to setup funnels and drive external traffic?
If so, this might be just what you are looking for!
In the Coaching with Kevin program, you will:
Optimize your product listings using the latest techniques that produce immediate results and are 100% Amazon compliant
Find your next Super Hot product according to Kevin’s criteria (hint: if you’ve been relying solely on Jungle Scout and Alibaba to find products, forget everything you know)
Learn master negotiating strategies that will shave 20-50% off your landed product costs
Dive deep into an “Organic Launch Sequence” which quickly results in daily sales and ranking without massive discounted or free give-aways
Fine-tune your email follow up sequences to maximize the reviews you get from the sales you're already making, and keeps your customers happy and engaged
Setup your first “funnel” which you can use to launch products or drive external traffic to your products
Create a Team Plan for Growth, evaluating the critical business functions you are doing daily, so that you can begin outsourcing and building your team as you grow
Form lasting connections with other entrepreneurs that you can network and grow with
If you are looking for a hands-off, done for you plan to build your business, this is not for you! Seriously, we’re going to get our hands dirty. 
We’re going to focus on actual, proven practice and strategy, rather than pie in the sky woo-woo theory. We’re going to learn from each other, and help each other. And, we’re going to have a ton of fun in the process!
Included in the Coaching with Kevin program:
  Video Coaching
Six live small group coaching sessions led by Kevin, in hi-definition video conference format, recorded and made available so you can go back and watch any time
Each week, access to video modules which drive home the lessons covered during coaching, and downloadable PDF guides to keep you on track. Topics covered will include listing optimization, product research, supplier negotiation, launch strategy, email follow up, external traffic, funnels and building a team.
Tired of endless Facebook groups with the same old questions, and no one seeing or answering the question YOU have right now? We’ll utilize Slack to communicate with each other, to insure every question is answered, and no one gets left behind!
Kevin is known to ask some of his well-known friends to drop by and drop huge knowledge-bombs. He’s also arranged for special discounts and free trial offers from some of the vendors and tools he utilizes in his private label brands.
Plus an exclusive discount to attend a small-group mastermind experience with Kevin at his company headquarters in Texas later this year. This (optional) experience will further enhance your business and networking, and you’ll get front of the line access when tickets are announced.
This special coaching opportunity is being made available to over 10,000 private label business owners, and will sell out fast.
Future coaching spots will sell for $2,495, and they’ll be worth every penny…I will make certain of that!
However, because this is our first time offering this exclusive training program, we’re allowing our “Beta” round of students in at a $1,000 discount — just $1,495.
The only catch is this — after the training, you agree to give us your honest, unbiased feedback which we can use to improve the experience.

Wondering what working with me in a coaching experience is like? Here’s what some of my
1-1 coaching students have said:
 Your insights and suggestions have made a huge difference for me in the way I look at my business. Business is picking up and I am having my best months ever!

Dan, California
 Sometimes it’s an encouraging word, other times it’s a kick in the rear. Still others it’s a deep dive into advanced strategy. All of which I have needed and benefited from. Kevin’s guidance as a coach has been invaluable! Simply put, I would not be where I am today having not worked closely with him.

Stacey, Louisiana
For a long time I was reluctant to invest in coaching or a mastermind. My only regret today is that I didn’t do it sooner. My investment in coaching sessions with Kevin has paid off at least 100X over.

Igor, Romania
Over the past three years as host of the Private Label Podcast, I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to have a front-row seat to the latest tips and strategies that are working right now, as well as to meet and form lasting bonds with many of the brightest minds in the Amazon selling and e-commerce space. I can’t wait to share all of this with you!

I’ve had many opportunities over the past 18 months to work with Kevin…Kevin has been the utmost professional, made himself and his resources available, and given great insights and knowledge.  I’m an avid listener to his podcast and find the format and interviews incredibly useful with the right mix of inspiration and tactics.  I call myself “lucky” to have a friend in Kevin.

John Rossman, author of “The Amazon Way” series; former head of Amazon Marketplace

About two years ago a friend of mine went from a position where he was negative in his bank account to pulling 35k a month… in under 3 months on Amazon! Needless to say, I wanted in – and when I asked him where to get started, he pointed me directly to Kevin & his podcast. Flash forward two years, and I am regularly pulling $150k months (well beyond in fact) – to which I attribute most, if not all, of my success to the “mentor in my ear”, Kevin. By always providing solid, actionable advice…Kevin has single handedly changed more than just my bank account… He’s changed my life.

Brian Burt, Founder of

Kevin Rizer’s Private Label Podcast offers the best in podcast content for Amazon sellers – a balance of very specific guidance on issues that matter to sellers, and benchmarking discussion from sellers who have made it big (and have all of the bruises and scars to show for their success). I’m a fan of Private Label Podcast.

James Thomson, former business head of Amazon Services
If you are not yet to $10,000 in sales per month, don’t despair. There are plenty of resources and content available to help you get there. This program is not yet a good fit for you.
However, if you are in the “sweet spot” of between $10,000-$50,000 in sales per month, you are just a few decisions away from reaching your goals, and putting your business into hyper-growth mode. Let this be the first of those decisions.
The coaching sessions begin March 29th. Don’t miss this opportunity! I can’t wait to share this journey, and all of my best resources, with you and a few new friends.
See you soon,
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